Cleaning & Exams in Chesapeake, VA

Cleaning & Exams in Chesapeake, VA

Dental cleaning and exams are vital aspects of maintaining optimal oral health. During these routine procedures a at Advanced Sedation Dentistry, our skilled dental professional meticulously assesses the state of your teeth, gums, and overall oral cavity. They begin by conducting a comprehensive examination that includes checking for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, or any other potential issues. This evaluation involves using specialized tools such as dental mirrors and probes to carefully inspect every nook and cranny within your mouth.

Following the examination, an efficient yet gentle dental cleaning is performed to eliminate plaque buildup and tartar deposits from your teeth surfaces. Utilizing ultrasonic scalers or manual instruments like curettes, the dentist adeptly removes these harmful substances while safeguarding your tooth enamel. The process also includes meticulous flossing between each tooth to eradicate plaque lurking in hard-to-reach areas. Dental cleanings not only leave you with a refreshing feeling but also help prevent future dental problems by reducing bacterial presence in your mouth.

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The Importance of Regular Dental Cleanings and Exams at Advanced Sedation Dentistry

Regular dental cleanings and exams play a crucial role in maintaining optimal oral health. Many people underestimate the importance of these routine visits, but they are essential for preventing dental issues and detecting problems early on.

  • One of the primary reasons why regular cleanings and exams are so important is that they help prevent gum disease. Dental professionals thoroughly clean your teeth, removing plaque and tartar buildup that can lead to gum inflammation and infection. By keeping your gums healthy, you reduce the risk of developing periodontal disease, which can cause tooth loss if left untreated.
  • Furthermore, regular cleanings allow dentists to identify any potential issues before they become major problems. During an exam, an experienced dentist will carefully examine your mouth for signs of cavities, oral cancer, or other abnormalities. Catching these issues early means more conservative treatments can be used instead of invasive procedures down the line.
  • In addition to preventing dental problems, regular cleanings also improve overall oral hygiene. Dental professionals provide valuable guidance on proper brushing and flossing techniques during these visits – knowledge that is often overlooked in daily routines.

By prioritizing regular dental cleanings and exams, you invest in both your oral health and overall well-being. Don't neglect this vital aspect of self-care - schedule your next appointment today!

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning and Exam at Advanced Sedation Dentistry?

During a dental cleaning and exam, several important steps are taken to ensure the health of your teeth and gums. The first step is a thorough examination of your mouth by the dentist or dental hygienist. They will inspect each tooth, looking for any signs of decay or damage. They will also check your gums for any signs of inflammation or infection. Next, they will perform a professional cleaning of your teeth. This involves removing plaque and tartar buildup using specialized tools. They will also polish your teeth to remove surface stains and give them a smooth finish.

In addition to cleaning your teeth, they may take dental X-rays to get a closer look at the underlying structures in your mouth. These X-rays can help identify any issues that may not be visible during the visual examination. After the cleaning and X-rays, the dentist or hygienist will discuss their findings with you. They may recommend further treatment if they find any cavities, gum disease, or other oral health problems.

A dental cleaning and exam is an essential part of maintaining good oral health. It allows for early detection and treatment of potential issues before they become more serious problems.

Benefits of Regular Dental Cleanings and Exams

Regular dental cleanings and exams are essential for maintaining good oral health. Here are some of the key benefits that come with these routine appointments:

  • Prevents cavities:Regular cleanings remove plaque and tartar buildup, reducing the risk of developing cavities.
  • Gum disease prevention:Dental exams allow your dentist to detect early signs of gum disease, preventing it from progressing into a more serious condition.
  • Freshens breath:Professional cleanings help eliminate bad breath caused by bacteria in the mouth.
  • Early detection of oral cancer:During exams, dentists carefully examine your mouth for any signs of oral cancer, increasing chances for early detection and successful treatment.
  • Boosts overall health:There is mounting evidence linking poor oral health to systemic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Regular cleanings can help reduce this risk.
  • Improves appearance:Cleanings remove stains caused by coffee, tea, or smoking, leaving you with a brighter smile.
  • Saves money in the long run:By catching potential issues early on through regular check-ups, you can avoid costly treatments down the line.

Regular dental cleanings and exams provide numerous benefits beyond just keeping your teeth healthy!


Regular dental cleanings and exams at Advanced Sedation Dentistry are crucial for maintaining good oral health. By taking the time to visit your dentist at least twice a year, you can prevent potential dental issues from escalating into major problems.

So don't wait until you have tooth pain or other oral health concerns before seeing your dentist. Schedule that next appointment today and take proactive steps toward achieving a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime!

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